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Saturday, January 22, 2011

July 20th--Missed Post

Whoops, somehow skipped this one. Reading it now cracks me up, because actors and their forgetting-their-wardrobe is something that plagued me big time on my new flick "Garden of Hedon"...

July 20th
The Tuckahoe pickup. I grab some Slim Jims for Bullet, then Ziegler and Stull help me load up the car and the truck. We head to the eastern shore again.

It’s weird coming back. But I get that good memory feeling.

Frank forgets his shoes. All he has to bring is his outfit for the day. Me, I have to bring my script, all the equipment, various props for doing foley sounds, and more—no problem.

We shoot the pickup. It goes easy. We get some foley—still have that damn lumber mill making a racket but we added a line of dialogue rather than try to loop everyone’s dialogue during the day shots.

I take the guys to dinner while we wait for O’brocki to show up. Burger King. Oh yeah, craft services has nothing on me...

We go back. Frank leaves, and the rest of us go to the barn to get a couple pickup shots there. We toss O’brocki’s Pez head around for a while, then shoot a shot of him running into the barn. Only problem is that the corn, which was about 1 foot high when we shot it before is now about 6 feet high.

It’s not going to match too well. We’ll see what happens. It’s a pretty dark shot.

Then we go back to Tuckahoe and Ziegler and Stull help me do some foley. We can’t get it all done—we run out of time and the train car is locked.

But we get some good stuff. We shoot some guns which is always fun.

At this point I have 43 consecutive minutes of the film rough cut. Almost halfway there. There’s good stuff and there’s bad stuff. Will be interesting to take a look at it in the whole.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

July 2006

July 23rd, 2006

Not Much To Report...

...except that it's only been about 6 weeks since we finished principle photography on FOC2, and I have 49 minutes rough-edited together. That's right, you can sit and watch 49 consecutive minutes of FOC2 already.

My rough cut should come in around 2 hours long--I'll cut that to between 90-98 minutes long. So by that account I'm around halfway finished.

But the reality is that I've edited 95% of the tough scenes. There's only two big scenes left to edit--Attack at Lynn's House and the Finale.

Sound issues are going to be huge though. There are some big problems I'm working on right now.

But when I say I'm living at my editing machine, I'm not exaggerating...

 July 9th, 2006

If you weren't on set during the shooting of FOC2 this won't make you laugh, but I think the rest of you will.

There was a scene in the film where one of the clowns, played by Clarence McNatt, shouts "WHYYYYY?"--and it became this running joke among everybody. Clarence shouts it so dramatically and his voice is so deep that it was like some booming Shakespearean query.

After that, a day or night didn't go by without someone in the cast or crew mimicking the shout of WHYYYYY--and everyone would start laughing.

Tonight I'm logging footage from the B-camera. The scene with Clarence comes on, so I'm typing the timecode and what's happening on screen. There's Clarence's face, and he suddenly yells "WHYYYYY?"

Behind me, my three year old(just turned it today) mimics in his mousy voice: "whyyyyy?"

I couldn't stop laughing--which made him do it a couple more times.