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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

June 11th, 2006: Aftermath

D.P. Dave Mun hangs out on the roof of our set

June 11th

I wake up about 2pm. Mun comes by and his plane doesn’t leave until 7pm, so we take in a movie. X-men 3—sucked. We have dinner at Glory Days and chat about things in general.

Then I drop him off at the airport. I head home and begin backing up the tapes.

Still not feeling that deep sense of loss I had after principle photography on the first Fear of Clowns. I also don’t feel so bleak, but I’m not sure exactly when it came to me after the first movie.

I do see that I missed a scene at Tuckahoe, so we’re gonna have to pick that up. Another one! Jesus.

An early attempt at an FOC2 poster, minus Shivers, by Erik Ashley

Saturday, October 16, 2010

June 10th, 2006: Wrap Party

June 10th

The wrap party. My wife has left at 9am to decorate the place. She gets the keg, the food, the works.

I get over to the house and help set up stuff. People start arriving. I get thrown at the grill—-have to cook so I do. Hot dogs, burgers, chicken.

We all eat, then play volleyball. Eventually I show the teaser and a scene to mixed results. I don’t think some of the people understand that I only had 6 fucking hours to go through 31 tapes, import the footage, then edit it together, along with making new titles.

And that's 6 hours on a day we've been shooting...

Fuck ‘em. Next time I’ll just sleep and they’ll have nothing to watch.

Night falls and the real men head out to Fantasies strip club. That would be me, Mun, Stull, Mike and Al(my brother-in-law). We watch a fight, see Al get in trouble for fake fucking a waitress who bends over for him(and then demands a tip), and head home. Me and Mun keep drinking, trying to finish the keg, and I get home at 4am.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

June 9th, 2006: Day 19

June 9th

 Carol(Leanna Chamish) plays Lynn(Jacky Reres)'s manager

After 2 hours of sleep I head over to the eastern shore.

Frank tells me we can’t shoot at the restaurant we were supposed to shoot in. So once again I can toss my shooting script in the trash.

We go over to the restaurant, but since it’s not the restaurant we were supposed to be in, the extras all showed up at the wrong location. Lucky for us the other restaurant sent them to us.

We got set up—the scene was written to be inside, but Frank makes it plain that the restaurant wants us to shoot on the outdoor patio. They also wanted us to shoot an hour earlier and be gone by noon.

So we start shooting. Things start okay—then the girl playing the waitress(Crystal) drops her tray of drinks on an extra. Whoops.

Then Frank begins missing lines. He gets flustered. Blowing lines in front of 30 extras is embarrassing.

Last but not least, Noah(a P.A.) comes over to tell me that the restaurant would like us out by 11:30am. I tell him that’s not going to happen. We’ll be out by noon.

We keep going, and sure enough, we finish by 11:40 and load up to move to the gallery for what will be the last scene shot during principle photography.

Leanna and Jacky, and  D.P. Dave Mun in the middle

At the gallery some new extras show up. It’s hot, and the gallery has no air conditioner on. We decide to say screw the lighting. We’ll bounce whatever we need.

The woman playing the Lynn fan doesn’t show up, so I designate an extra to read the line.

We shoot. Not too many problems, other than audio ones because the door is open and the street is loud. Bells from the ice cream store are VERY loud.

 The gallery peeps

Before you know it we’re done. The martini shot. Picture wrap. Congratulations all around.

We pack up, and some of us decide to meet up at Legal Spirits for dinner.

It’s just me, Mun, Jacky, Stull, Crystal, Jared, Mike, Noah and Ziegler. We eat, tell stories, crack ourselves up, and give Ziegler some food because he didn’t order anything.

Back at Frank’s afterward, we say our goodbyes, then I go search Frank’s house for anything I left. Turns out to be a lot. It takes me an hour to pack it all up by myself. Then I head home, struggling to keep my eyes open the entire way.

I get home and lay down from 9pm to midnight, then I get up to edit a quicky teaser for the next day’s wrap party. I go back to sleep from 6am to 2pm.