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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

November 12th, 2006: Quick Hits

New Note: I ended up putting together a pretty strong Making Of for FOC2, and a few other supplements. We actually did a couple of commentaries...details on those will be coming up.
FOC2(I will no longer ever refer to it in name--it will now be known as FOC2, which sort of sounds like Fuck You) is picture locked. An hour forty-two minutes is the final run time. The composer has it now--he'll be working on it while they're taking a break from "Lost".

I'm splitting my time between working on foley and working on the dvd supplements.

I've discovered that I don't have the...interest...that I used to have in doing them. I think a large part is how I recently discovered(see: FOC1) that the distributor doesn't give a shit about them. Sure, they WANT them--so they can show them on the back of the box.

But they don't actually give a shit about the quality of the supplements. Or how many you have. Really, they just want these: Making Of, Out-takes, and director's commentary. That's it. Deleted scenes are nice if they're short, but if not--they're gone.

For the first FOC I spent nearly as much time on the supplements as I did the movie. I had a Making Of, Out-takes, commentary, easter eggs, almost 45 minutes of deleted scenes with original ending, a 12 minute "Project Redlight" feature that was the best thing I gave them.

And they only used three of the ones I listed above.

So now I'm just trying to overcome my lack of enthusiasm by remembering: The supplements are for the fans. I'll try not to half-ass it too much.