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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Premiere Pics

As promised, here's some FOC2 premiere pics, never seen before! I may even have some video coming up! Here ya go, picture-palooza! The best game to play is, who's in the background?
 Frank and date, and me--preparing to board the limo!

Hey, a line! Sweet!

Frank's date(I apologize, but the name eludes me) and the gorgeous Cici Carmen!
Leanna Chamish, me and Rob Long. 
We're not smiling much because we know how ugly we look next to Leanna
(also, Eric Thornett right behind me!)
The gang! I miss these guys! 
Clarence, Lars, Adam, Mark, Frank, Rob and of course, THE Tom Proctor!
The super-hot Savannah Costello!
Brandon, Cici, date, Frank, and Adam

The man, the myth, the legend! Bullet in the center! 
Vincent Brown, who played Sargent Raup, to the right with his wife.
Savannah, Mark, Cici, Tom and Krystal
Some of the crowd waiting for the film to start!
 Mr. Producer himself, Lee Doll, with Mark, Brandon, Adam and Tom. (Lars in the background!)

Jarod, looking like a baby! So young and innocent. 
(And is that Joel Denning in the background?)
Johnny Alonso and friends/family, plus more of the crowd!
BFFS! Off-screen, naturally. On-screen, ENEMIES!
The after-party at Gardel's. I remember parts of it.
Somebody, Savannah, Joanna and Noah!

Frank holds court! In the background, Luke, me and Zig.

Somebody, Clayton Myers(he's the head punk in the flick, but you wouldn't recognize him from this pic!), Johnny, Somebody and Al Sotto

Tom, Mark, Somebody, Cici and Adam after the show

Tom finds some adoring fans!