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Monday, July 5, 2010

June 2nd, 2006: Day 13

 How they look at the beginning of a day's shoot...

June 2

The 76b pickup is on the menu again, after the scenes we have to shoot. I get the early snafu report: Johnny Alonso had a death in the family. He has to go to a memorial service so he’ll have to leave early. We won’t finish his scenes, because some of them are night scenes.

So we hustle up and go to the phone booth between the Pizza Hut and the Wendy’s. It’s hot as balls, but we get the shots, then head off to find a secluded road. (yeah, I didn't pre-scout this...I mean, we're on the eastern shore, so I figured it would be easy to find. Not as easy as I thought)

We shoot a quick scene between Alonso and Lassise, and head back. Luke and Noah go to grab some pizzas.We eat and prepare to shoot 76b.

A storm hits—pouring the rain down on us and muddying the ground. Fuuuuuuuck. Will not work for the scene, as it doesn't rain anywhere in the span of the film, and the film doesn't take place in the tropics.

I do a quick look at the schedule. We have no covered set to go to. We can shoot the Lynn’s basement scene that we’d be shooting tomorrow morning—it will let us start a little later.

We grab all the equipment and go to Frank’s. His wife is there but he gets her to leave before we arrive. Perhaps I didn't mention that Frank is actually now in the middle of a divorce. Try being the star of a movie while producing it as you simultaneously move out of your house, and oh yeah, getting divorced from your wife while you keep your day job.

This no-budget moviemaking thing is EASY, right?

We shoot the scene in Frank’s basement without a hitch—Mun says it’s the first scene he’s really liked. Very comforting, since we've shot a TON of scenes and THIS is the first one he's really liked?

We finish at about midnight. Everyone’s excited to finish early, but I know it’s a false comfort—we owe 76b STILL and I don’t know when they’re gonna kick us out of Tuckahoe. The rest of the cast says they're gonna go find a bar, which sounds great to me but I can't be hungover tomorrow(or any day I'm shooting).

How they look toward the end...

I head back to the hotel and pop Psycho 2 into the dvd player. Man, still such an under-rated movie. Nobody has been able to follow Hitchcock but Holland. Even if that guy had nothing to do with Child's Play and Fright Night, he'd always have that.

Can’t sleep. I surf the internet some more. Finally around 5:30am I fall asleep.

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