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Saturday, October 16, 2010

June 10th, 2006: Wrap Party

June 10th

The wrap party. My wife has left at 9am to decorate the place. She gets the keg, the food, the works.

I get over to the house and help set up stuff. People start arriving. I get thrown at the grill—-have to cook so I do. Hot dogs, burgers, chicken.

We all eat, then play volleyball. Eventually I show the teaser and a scene to mixed results. I don’t think some of the people understand that I only had 6 fucking hours to go through 31 tapes, import the footage, then edit it together, along with making new titles.

And that's 6 hours on a day we've been shooting...

Fuck ‘em. Next time I’ll just sleep and they’ll have nothing to watch.

Night falls and the real men head out to Fantasies strip club. That would be me, Mun, Stull, Mike and Al(my brother-in-law). We watch a fight, see Al get in trouble for fake fucking a waitress who bends over for him(and then demands a tip), and head home. Me and Mun keep drinking, trying to finish the keg, and I get home at 4am.

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