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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

November 12th, 2006: Quick Hits

New Note: I ended up putting together a pretty strong Making Of for FOC2, and a few other supplements. We actually did a couple of commentaries...details on those will be coming up.
FOC2(I will no longer ever refer to it in name--it will now be known as FOC2, which sort of sounds like Fuck You) is picture locked. An hour forty-two minutes is the final run time. The composer has it now--he'll be working on it while they're taking a break from "Lost".

I'm splitting my time between working on foley and working on the dvd supplements.

I've discovered that I don't have the...interest...that I used to have in doing them. I think a large part is how I recently discovered(see: FOC1) that the distributor doesn't give a shit about them. Sure, they WANT them--so they can show them on the back of the box.

But they don't actually give a shit about the quality of the supplements. Or how many you have. Really, they just want these: Making Of, Out-takes, and director's commentary. That's it. Deleted scenes are nice if they're short, but if not--they're gone.

For the first FOC I spent nearly as much time on the supplements as I did the movie. I had a Making Of, Out-takes, commentary, easter eggs, almost 45 minutes of deleted scenes with original ending, a 12 minute "Project Redlight" feature that was the best thing I gave them.

And they only used three of the ones I listed above.

So now I'm just trying to overcome my lack of enthusiasm by remembering: The supplements are for the fans. I'll try not to half-ass it too much.


  1. I'll try to get my hands on this as soon as possible. Does it have distribution in Europe?

  2. No, it doesn't. Honestly, we didn't sell many territories of FOC outside of the states, and making a PAL master for foreign countries cost us nearly $5K. So I can't see doing it for FOC2...

    Probably better to get yourself a cheap all-region dvd player and buy one off of Amazon or eBay, if you can. Not sure if you can buy from them if you're not in the US...