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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Recently Uncovered Pics from FOC2

First comes this last-shoot-day picture of Jacky with some creeper behind her. (DP David Mun)

Then we have a bunch of pics from our low-key wrap party. Volleyball, burgers, and beer.

The group--somebody took a shot from the 2nd floor.

 Actor/Stuntman Steve Carson, who's been a part of four of our movies!
 2nd Cameraman Joe Davidson and Producer Rob Stull
 Director Kevin Kangas either serving, or in the middle of "the fishing rod" dance
 Actress Kayla Marie Cooper takes a whack
 Johnny Alonso schmoozing
 Actor and Assistant Camera Mike Baldwin
 DP Dave Mun about to show 'em how to do it

General helping hand Steve Pattee, with Nelly Theriault behind him 

Special Effects guru Doug Ulrich

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