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Friday, March 26, 2010

February 17th, 2006

It's funny reading stuff from the past. I guess that 98% chance was high--of course, if I let Lionsgate rape me then FOC2 would have been out from them two years ago.

It's probably a good thing I didn't hire this guy. He did have a lot of equipment, but technically HE is now a SHE. I'm a fairly open-minded guy, but I don't need that kind of drama on a set.
There's more than enough regular kind of drama.

February 17th, 2006

You know, when I cast "Fear of Clowns" it was a funny thing that wanna-be actors and actresses didn't want to come down from New York to audition. For a starring part in a feature film, they didn't want to make a three hour drive.

Now, I understand that at that point all we had under our belt was one feature film that had been distributed in every Blockbuster and Hollywood Video around the country. So maybe they were skeptical.

So I hope that every one of those pinheads, upon seeing the announcement that Lion's Gate had picked up FOC, I hope every one of them smacked themselves in the head.

Flash forward to now. We're doing the sequel to FOC. It's like a 98% chance that LGF will distribute that one too. And still we get some people who make excuses about sending in audition tapes.

And this:

There's this guy who owns a TON of equipment. He's shot a couple of low budget features(none of which got significant distribution or ANY critical response), so you'd figure this guy would want to get associated with a picture that gets out there.

We made him an offer. Come be our head griptrician, bring your two guys with you, and help us shoot the flick. For free? No, we offered them $6000 for 18 shooting days(and the head guy was actually only going to be there for 15 of them) AND I was going to make the guy an Associate Producer, just to get his name in the front-end credits.

And the guy says it's not enough money.

I'm thinking--what? Are you serious? It's $2000 a week plus a front end credit that many people actually PAY for, and you actually get to be associated with a movie that not only gets distributed but I can guarantee is gonna get some positive reactions(call me cocky, but I firmly believe this is gonna be the movie where I finally get to show some of my stuff).

And if you want perspective, that $6000 is 1/6 of the total budget of the film.

This guy is just dumb. What could he possibly be thinking? I think that kind of thinking is what determines who gets put in the history books and who doesn't.

I hope he'll be happy; I'm sure shooting wedding videos satisfies that creative urge in every artiste...

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