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Friday, April 30, 2010

More Scouting Pics Redux

The stairwell in Frank's house where Peters and Lynn try to make their escape.

Yeah, Frank's trademark look. We never used the back of his house for anything other than parking a LOT of cars. 
(and cheating the one scene the cops shut down our production out front one day)

You know what this sidewalk needs? A clown, and a severed head lying in front of him.

 You know what the amazing thing about this photo is?
I missed a shot the day we shot here--a POV shot. Later on I just figured I was screwed.
Then I saw this pic. I clipped the murder van from another still, put it in this picture,
created a shadow, then added camera shake and VOILA!
I had a POV shot without renting a van and driving back out to
the eastern shore(like an hour away).

Yeah, nothing creepy about this place...

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