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Saturday, May 1, 2010

April 18th, 2006: Five Hundred Pound Guerilla

Well, crisis time again.

There was a point about two months ago where I almost called off FOC2--it looked like the main actress couldn't come back, and there was a question of whether Shivers was coming back. If we couldn't get both I was just going to call it off.

Crisis averted. But here we are, five weeks away from shooting, and the main location has balked at letting us shoot there. I thought the whole thing was taken care of. A done deal.

So Frank is still talking with them. He's confident he can get them to sign off.

But I got a back-up plan. It's called "guerilla". We go in and shoot anyway, without permission.

I'm no stranger to guerilla shooting. Those who remember HH should remember the scene in the grocery store. We just walked in, set up, and shot. No one said anything. The shoppers walking around in the background were just that: shoppers. Most of them were so intent on shopping that they didn't even notice us.

And the road we blocked off to shoot the scene where Aric thinks someone(me) in the truck next to him is the guy stalking guerilla. That's B&A Blvd, and those who know that road probably realize it's pretty busy, even at midnight. Which is why cops at two different times stopped us to ask us what we were doing. I told them I was shooting something for class. They both left us alone.

But...the guerilla shooting game is a game for the young. When you're young you don't worry about little details like getting arrested. Also, you have the energy to run your ass off if things go wrong.

I guess I shouldn't worry. On the first FOC we shot some guerilla stuff--the footage in the Enchanted Forest was all guerilla. I even had to kick some people out of the park for trespassing while we were trespassing.

So I guess we're back on. Five weeks and counting, and there's a LOT still to be done.

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