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Friday, August 6, 2010

June 6th, 2006: Day 17

The irony of this entry is that actually, once Chad's score was in, this scene turned out pretty well. You can see the scene almost entirely at:

And the fun stuff to watch is when Jacky locks the door--you hear a lock, but there's no lock there. I was gonna attach one and just didn't get around to it. The angle makes it hard to tell, so I just said fuck it.

But she sells it, right? That's why we pay her the big bucks.

Stephanie painting Mark up

June 6th

A disaster. We start, and here we go late again. I don’t know how it happens but the time start flying by. It takes us most of the night to do the first scene. We break a window, which looks decent, but a lot of other stuff starts going wrong.

We have a gore scene with spurting blood and we have to put plastic everywhere so that there's no way we'll get any on the wood floors. We have to figure a way to get the dummy figure to stand on its own so Mark can swing an axe into it. We finally put it on a C-stand, and after a couple of tries we get it to work.

We can’t make the new basement door fit right, no matter what we try. I personally spend an hour cutting, sanding, and fitting the door. If you pull up hard it will shut, but there’s no handle to keep it shut.(I do all this carpentry when I get there while the crew is futzing around; don't ask me why)

We get done the first two scenes and it’s around 4am. We were set to finish them at 1am. We now have an hour and a half of nighttime to finish.

We get a shot where Steve Carson gets thrown through the front screen door. He tells Clarence--six foot eight ex-wrestler to throw him through hard, don’t worry about hurting him.

Clarence does. Steve goes flying like a mannequin. It looks great, but Steve doesn’t respond the first two times I call his name. I’m worried. Then he looks up like, no problem. I’m thinking he was out for a second or two. He denies it.

We start rushing. Half-ass time, folks. A lot of ugly shots. The light starts coming up. We visqueen(I think that's what Mun called it) the windows to stop the sunlight. We shoot toward the doors first, and even fire a few live rounds at 4:30am. Here’s your wake up call, neighbors.

Then we do the door chop. We have to do it right away because of the angle we’re shooting, but now that we broke the door we can’t shoot that direction without seeing a giant hole in the door.

Phil, ready to get into his costume.

We half ass our way through some more shots. It’s gonna be an ugly scene, I can tell you that. Exhausted, I let Mun have my room at the hotel and then I drive home with Ziegler and Carson. I get there at 8:30am and go to sleep.

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