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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Friday, Sept 29th, 2006: Fango Continued

Got up crazy early(for me) at about noon. We went downstairs to look for the rest of the crew and ran into Adam and his manager Brandon. Adam plays Hot Rod in FOC2, and did a great job.

No word from Mark(the clown), Johnny or Tom. Hey, at least I know Tom's already there.

Then Mark calls--he's like a mile away. It then took him about 45 minutes to get to us. That's Jersey for you.

The guy up on stage before us has an okay crowd, but it's still pretty sparse by big-con standards. We're fifteen minutes away from our panel, and everybody's finally showed except Johnny. I call and leave him a message.

 From left to right,
Adam Ciesielski, Mark Lassise, Tom Proctor, Pre-Starvation Kevin Kangas, and Rob Ziegler

The panel(and yes, the pic with the date has the wrong date...)

Finally it's our turn. They give us microphones and introduce us. I'm surprised to find that there's a good-sized crowd now. It also surprises me that once I get up there, I'm not nervous at all.

I'm a guy who used to literally shake when I had to get up in front of a classroom to do a report. I was one of those people who was more afraid of public speaking than going to the dentist.

But once I'm up in front of the people I relax. I introduce my cast and crew(minus Johnny) and then the lights go down, and they show the new trailer and clips I brought to debut.

And people cheer. People clapped during the brutal kills. It was very cool.

Then the lights came back up and I asked: "Any questions?"

In my mind I pictured nobody raising their hand. We'd all sit there for 25 minutes, crickets chirping in the background.

But people raised their hand. I answered some questions, let some of the cast answer some questions, let Tom blow some of the movie's surprise by telling everyone that his character dies--oops, blew it for you too, didn't I?

There ended up being more questions than time--they finally had to cut us off. They gave us pens to sign the banners, and led us around behind the stage where they had set up a table for us to sign stuff.

And then the biggest surprise: The line for us to sign stuff went out the door. We were signing for a solid twenty five minutes--and that was simply signing, not much talking to each person.
Ziegler thought it was funny to sign things "Shivers Has A Secret...Ask Him". 
So people would ask Mark, and Mark would ask me.

As we were walking out, Tony Timpone(Fango head honcho) stopped me to congratulate me. Said "Wow, you guys were the hit of the show today."

That was very cool, and gratifying. I'll tell you about the rest of day 2 coming up...

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