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Monday, May 30, 2011

Saturday, September 30th 2006: Fango 2.5

As a small aside, this is the show I met both Marcus Koch and Rob G. Marcus is a talented FX guy and also the director of 100 Tears(among others), a very cool clown horror movie with a much higher body count than FOC.  

Rob G is the man behind the Icons Of Fright web site, a very cool site dedicated to horror. I got to meet him again at the Texas Frightmare where he introduced me to Tom Holland...


After the panel we wandered around a bit. Checked out the dealer's room. We went back to my hotel room and I had Adam loop his audio. Didn't take too long. It was only a few lines that I needed, and some of them you couldn't see his lips so it wasn't hard to match.

I found out that Adam's an early drinker. I did a shot with him, but really needed something to eat before I started drinking. We got a sub and ate it real quick. Hit the liquor store for some more vodka.

That night they were planning on broadcasting the Sirius satellite Fango show live from the ballroom, so we figured we'd attend. We started drinking first though. Fast forward to 10pm.

Show starts. It's interesting. John Saxon gets up and answers some questions, and my first thought is: Damn, he looks old. It makes me feel bad. This guy is an old-time badass. One of my first memories of him is as a barbarian in a really cheesy TV movie called "Prisoners of the Lost Universe"--I own it on VHS 'cause it ain't out on dvd.

Then he played a cop in stuff like Nightmare on Elm Street, Black Christmas, and about 100 others. But now he just looks old. He's got that old-man shuffle when he walks in the room. Time is truly a bitch.

Next up is Kane Hodder, Jason himself. He still looks good. Talks about the new movie Hatchet. Adam Green, the director, answers some questions later.

All of it's a bit blurry. I kept making runs up to the room to make vodka/cranberries or vodka lemonades, and somewhere in there they started catching up to me.

One of those times I came back and my crew has left with the exception of Ziegler. He's there, and there's a cute chick sitting next to him. In my seat.

So I sit on the other side of her. She's chatting with Ziegler, so I figure they know each other. Turns out they don't; she's one of the finalists in the Scream Queen contest, and is there to compete live on-air for the winner, who gets to be in some future movie for Fango.

She tells me she's from Maryland. I look at her a little incredulous. I say: You know, I've shot three movies in Maryland, and have never so much as received a headshot from her. She seems surprised to hear who I am, and is then impressed when we point out Shivers on the banner up behind Dee.

Anyway, the contest starts. Her name is Erin, and she's up against a girl who's method-acting as a zombie nurse, and another girl who's a little chunky. To me it seems a no-brainer.

She wins. Watch her winning audition here:

She seems pretty good. Natural in front of the six cameras that were videotaping for the Fango television show.

After the show I'm walking out and some guy walks up to me: "Hey, you're {my name}, director of FOC right?". I say yeah. He gushes how much he liked it, and asks if I want to come up--him and some friends are watching a screener of "Feast"(the project greenlight movie). I've already seen it, but tell him maybe we'll stop by.

Later on we figure we'll swing by and see what's going on. About fifteen people are there in this guy's little hotel room watching it. One of them is Adam Green, the director of Hatchet. Pretty funny.

We head back to the room around 4am and crash.

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