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Sunday, June 27, 2010

June 1st, 2006: Day 12

June 1

Late day again. Got a few hours sleep, then got to Tuckahoe early to back up my pics and try to organize the pickup for 76b—the final scene of the film that features Peters versus Shivers.  We shot a wide master the night before, but my shooting script is all fucked up so I tried to clean it up.

Plus, we don't have the bigger lights that we shot the master with--had to return them today. 

We decided to push back the motel scene to another night to finish the 76b—we’re not sure how much longer we’ll be able to shoot at Tuckahoe. The owners are giving us shit.

So first Stull got a trailer to tow the car around in so we could shoot the Jacky/Frank chat in the car. Mun rigged it up, and then I got bad news. A storm was coming—the wind was picking up and a dark cloud was coming. We double timed it, but we couldn’t shoot until night fell since that's when the scene takes place.

We started filming, with Mun riding the front of the car, the camera suction cup mounted to the front. I was inside the car in the back seat making sure the line readings were okay. With the windows up(for good audio) it was hot as shit in there. Turns out that they didn’t even hit record on the first take(which ran about ten minutes)—I was pretty pissed about that.

It started raining during that scene. So much for 76b pickup.

We finished what we could there, but the next scene was at a public payphone. Not in the rain. So I figure we’ll go shoot the motel scene while we can, then go to try to pickup the payphone scene if it stops raining.

We take a skeleton crew to my hotel room and set up. We get the scene and it should look decent—hopefully. Took a while. The other crew get drunk at Tuckahoe, which makes things dicey when it turns out we forgot some equipment and wanted one of them to run it up.

 Only 1 picture for this post, but it's a good one.

I’m sure anyone walking by the room, seeing six guys with a camera, and one woman in a towel—well, you figure out what we looked like we were doing. (rhymes with TORN)

It was still raining, but not too bad so we headed out to a payphone. Set up  one very unmotivated light source(we had no power, so we had to use the inverter) We forgot we needed Peters car—Frank had to go get it. Meanwhile it started pouring.

Frank got back and we shot it real fast. Just said fuck it to my shooting script and shot what we had. Sound is horseshit, so it's gonna need to be looped.

Then we went out to get some other shots that take place in the next scene so the rain shots would match. Peters’ car driving down the deserted road. Set up the camera, wait until no other cars are on the road, and have Frank haul ass toward us.

Then over to Denny’s. An early finish—5:15am. Time to go to sleep.

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