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Friday, June 18, 2010

May 30th, 2006: Day 10

Clarence McNatt as Sunglasses The Clown

May 30

Caught up on some stuff—did Johnny alonso scenes at Frank’s, but the scene takes place in the van—hot as balls out. First real day scene, so we had to have the actors run inside in between takes—the clowns would sweat their makeup off.

Said by to Adam and Tom. Adam’s coming back for the wrap party.

We high tailed it to the field to do the cornfield shots—it’s a totally different location that Frank and I scouted a month earlier.

When we scouted the place it was deserted. A back road with no traffic. Today, it's busy. Figures. We have Rob Stull put on his reflective-striping County jacket and help block traffic. I'm hoping no cops stop by, because it's the wrong county.

Things are going smoother, then Mark reaches for his axe and cuts his index finger. Bad. He bends his finger and the whole slash widens like a mouth. We have no first aid gear. To top things off, some guy pulls up and asks if we have permission to shoot there. I say no. He says he knows the guy who owns the field and he’s called him; the guy’s on his way.

Meanwhile, we’re in his field trying to get a crane shot.

The guy does arrive and I go talk to him. He asks what we’re doing. I say just shooting some video. I say most of it’s from the road—looks very scenic. I tell him we just had one shot from in the field and he asks, “You’re not messing with my corn stalks?” I said no.

Even though Mark walked over about 10 on the crane shot.

Didja notice how Mun always looked bored/tired when I'm talking to him?

The guy leaves. Light is falling. Disaster strikes. Stephanie didn’t bring the rope heads. We have Frank race them up to us. But Stephanie also didn’t bring blood. The stumps of the heads should be bloody. She puts vaseline on them to make them look wet, and we just have to go with it.

We finish just in time. Johnny’s happy to have made a day of shooting.

I take the crew to Burger King as a treat(I know, big spender, right?), then we head back to Tuckahoe to finish last night’s scene where Frank gets hit with the axe.

It came out okay, but the blood effect didn’t quite work. It didn’t spurt so much as leak out onto his shirt.
We wrapped at 4:30am, so I made the trip home. It was fast, no traffic, and I went to sleep for 6 hours.

When I got up I made a dvd of dailies, backed up the files, and came back...
Make-Up Artist and FX assistant Stephanie Petagno and
Production Manager/BTS videographer Robert Ziegler.

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