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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

May 29th, 2006: Day 9

Shivers does to Luke what many people wanted to do to Luke

May 29

Memorial day. Had a cookout, and it was supposed to be a day off but it turned out we had 2 pickups to do.

My wife and Luke’s wife came by and cooked burgers and dogs, while the rest of us shot the shit and threw a football around.

After the food we sat around and just chatted. Something we just haven’t had time for lately.

We can’t stop laughing about the Johnny firebar thing. We showed the videotape to everyone and they just laugh and laugh.

We hustled over to the fire area to finish the Shivers/Ogre fight. It went okay, but Doug took some of the fx we needed for the Clarence head decapitation. Still, it wasn’t too bad and only took an hour longer than I thought.

We packed up and moved to the small house for the ogre gunfight. Took a little while to set up but we rocked it out pretty quick. Clarence had a good time firing the gun, and then we did the reverse and shot zircs and dust hits at Frank, Tom and Adam.

I shot the ones at Frank and Tom, and Tom kept telling me to shoot right at him. He even got pissed when I said I wouldn’t, so finally I said I would. I even did.

Looked cool.

Adam Ciesielski, Johnny Alonso and Tom Proctor

This is the three amigos’ last night. Said bye to Tom and Adam, they said they’d stop by and say hey before they left to catch their plane.

They’re good guys. Lars took off early, but he’ll be back for tomorrow’s pickup.

I booked myself into a hotel room with my wife. Yee-haw.

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