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Monday, May 17, 2010

May 16th, 2006 T Minus 6 Days To Shoot

Actor Clarence McNatt(on right) plays Ogre The Clown. To his left is some short guy named Mark Lassise. :)

May 16th

In other news, the shoot barrels at me full speed. We're having trouble figuring out where we're gonna put everybody for the night--we have more people staying than we thought. Some people I thought would head home in between their shooting days are planning on staying, and quite frankly, the hotels in the area are out of their mind.

We're trying to rent a house or something. Meanwhile I have to get this non-driving car to the eastern shore so we can burn it, pickup the van we're renting for gear, and prepare for David Mun(the Director of Photographer) to get into town on Saturday.

And oh yeah, prepare myself so I'm ready to direct the movie. It's the little things.

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